Case study: Virtual guide at the Naturalis Museum, Leiden

Where: Leiden, The Netherlands
When: Jan 2018

What: Exhibition on Poison (Gif). An exceptional visitor experience, guided by the voice, images, and video clips of Freek Vonk, Ph.D.

The Museum of Natural History (Naturalis) guides the visitor, especially targeting families and children, through the world of poison.

The guide persona of  Freek Vonk is used to create a consistent identity and brand, accompanying each expo and each new hall or space. The result it an integrated exposition, with an easy curation guiding from hall to hall. This is truly notable as a best-in-class example of an interactive digital guide using a character or persona to bring the visitor through the exposition and to bring the educational messages to life.

Why it works:

  • It is emotional: He is fun, the visitor feels that they have a connection with the character.
  • It is memorable: he becomes a personification of the museum, its work, and the education.
  • It is consistent – the same profile is used throughout the expo from start to finish.
  • It is simple: He provides tips, tours, and nothing too complicated. It’s easy to understand, and designed for the right audience.

As an extra bonus, near the end of the exposition there is a glass window with a sneak view of the scientists and biologists at work, handling snakes and extracting poison. A very rare integration of the museum experts with the audience, literally watching them while they work.

img_2356img_2351img_2355PNaturalis Museum

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