Why blog?

I started this blog in 2017 as a platform for ideas and studies on marketing and branding for the heritage sector – cultural, environmental, and social impact.

With over 10 years of business and consulting experience, I have had the pleasure to consult with a broad range of clients from the commercial, public-sector, and third-sector business problems. worldwide. A few clients include:

  • Museum of Ethnography (MEG), Geneva (2018)
  • Share a Dream, Geneva (2017)
  • RainWater Haverst Alliance, Geneva (2017)
  • Waterpreneuers, Geneva (2017)
  • International Red Cross, Geneva (2016)
  • UNICEF, Tanzania (2015)
  • National Women’s Hockey Team, Tanzania (2015)
  • Common Sites, Amsterdam (2015)
  • ICCROM, Rome (2010)
  • ICOMOS Secretariat, Paris (2009)
  • 2LEAD4US Sustainability, Rotterdam (2009)
  • Centre for International Heritage (CIE), Amsterdam (2008)

With over 10 years of experience I am currently working as the Marketing Director for a Geneva start-up working on a new technology for sustainable and ecological cleaning (SDG #6 – sustainable water resource management). I hold my PhD in Global Heritage Management (PhD) and continue to pursue consulting projects for heritage issues related to wider issues affecting culture, environment, and social impact.

The articles here are open-source reflected my personal viewpoints and sharing insights and branding strategies relevant for the broad global heritage and tourism sector.


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Dr. Brittany Groot
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Groot, B. (2017) Selling cultural heritage? Private sector partnerships and the value of cultural heritage. Leiden University Repository: Leiden.

Fienieg, A., Parthesius, R., Groot, B., Jaffe, R., Van der Linde, S., and Van Roosmalen, P. (2008). Heritage Trails:  International Cultural Heritage Policies in a European Perspective. In: G. OOSTINDIE, ed. Dutch Colonialism, Migration and Cultural Heritage. Leiden: KITLV Press, pp. 23–63. http://doi.org/10.1163/9789004253889_003

Research Bio

Dr. Brittany Groot’s research is focused on the creation of shared value for the arts & culture sector, specifically through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and brand experience strategies. She obtained her PhD from Leiden University in 2017 with her dissertation titled “Selling cultural heritage? Private-sector partnerships and the value of cultural heritage”. Her dissertation research provides a cross-sectoral analysis of MNCs’ involvement with cultural heritage. The theoretical framework takes a network approach to MNCs, discussing corporate social responsibility (CSR) as well as its evolution to brand social responsibility (BSR).

Dr. Groot is a regular contributor as a Guest Professor / Speaker at several higher educational institutes including Leiden University (Cultural Heritage Management) and the University of Geneva (Intro to Marketing, Strategic Management). She has spoken informally at multiple European workshops for creative collaboration, including Union100 and the Impact Hub, Geneva.