Multi-media spaces in museums

Taking a quick tour around the multi-media space at the “Museum of Communication”, Bern, and had to share a few visuals. Creating a multi-disciplinary and multi-purpose space for education and learning has come to the forefront of cultural education methodologies, and this is one museum that has seriously gotten it right.

The museum is already propped full of fun educational experiences designed for children and families throughout its expositions, but the highlight is the media space. A huge room with lounge style office chairs and interactive screens and walls explaining different communication techniques – from definitions of theories, to histories of marketing and advertising. The space is comfy and practical.

But it’s not very accessible on the -1 floor

The only downside is that it ‘s only open to visitors once already inside the museum and exposition – and unless you head inside, you might miss it completely. This would be revolutionized if it was brought up to the ground floor and made wlecoming and accessible to all visitors – with or without a museum ticket!